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Mary Attends FX’s FYC Event

Yesterday Mary and her Fargo co-stars Ewan McGregor, Carrie Coon and Olivia Sandoval attended FX’s Emmys For Your Consideration event in North Hollywood. I’ve added over 260 photos, so please enjoy all the pics I’ve added to the gallery!


At the event, show creator Noah Hawley said this about Mary’s character Nikki Swango:

“Nikki Swango (Winstead) is the ultimate ‘Fargo’ badass. You don’t know what to expect with her. She’s a bridge mastermind and a strategist. She’s really fun.”

According to Variety, Winstead was thrilled to join the drama and said about Nikki Swango, “I’d never played a character like this. Once I was on set and doing it, it was so easy but it took all the elements coming together for me to feel confident and comfortable.”