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More New Mary Interviews from the Smashed TIFF Premiere; Aaron Paul Talks Working with Mary

A couple of more video interviews with Mary from yesterday’s TIFF premiere for Smashed have been released online, and I’ve posted them below. Also, in another new interview, Aaron Paul talked about working with Mary on the film and their on-screen chemistry.

There’s also one more interview here and here.

CS: Did you spend some time with Mary Elizabeth beforehand to build the relationship?
Yeah, yeah, before they officially offered it to me, they set up a meeting with Mary and I and we met at this restaurant slash bar and just kinda talked and felt each other out and we hit it off. You know, I’m such a huge fan of hers and I couldn’t wait for a project like this to kinda come her way because I thought she really deserved it. I always knew that she was super-talented, but she just needed the right project to be able to kinda spread her wings and this is just that and she’s brilliant.

CS: I’ve been a big fan of hers a long time and I’ve met her a few times, and I remember seeing her work in “The Thing” and how much she put into the role, but unfortunately movies are a director’s medium and I don’t think some of the more dramatic work she was doing made the movie.
Yeah, I mean, what’s going to hit the cutting room floor and make the film, but it was so great because she just really stayed in character pretty much the entire time, which must’ve been so exhausting for her. Then, that was exhausting for me.