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Mary Talks Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!

& the best part of this interview? A trailer will be out in February! During the press junket for “The Thing”, Mary spoke with The Playlist where she gave us an update about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Here are some of the highlights:

“I haven’t seen any [footage], but I know they’ve been editing and I know that they’re really excited about it,” Winstead said. “I know there’s going to be a trailer out in like February, or something, so I’m really excited about that. But I wasn’t a part of most of the action stuff in that movie, which I liked that, because I kind of needed a little bit of a break [laughs]. So I’m going to be like an audience member when it comes to that stuff, because I have no idea.”

Meanwhile, Winstead said the sequences that she shot featured a more traditional look, making those set pieces an even sharper contrast for viewers. “I know that it’s going to look really cool,” she said. “I know that the stuff we did looks so beautiful, just like a classic period piece, so I think it’s going to be so cool to have that meld with these crazy action sequences.”

In spite of the fact that the film is a mash-up of real-life characters and fictional creatures, Winstead said that she and her fellow cast members put a lot of work into making sure as much of the story as possible was historically accurate. “We definitely spent a lot of time on the history,” she explained.

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