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Mary Attends the 40th Anniversary And The Book Release Of “W: The First 40 Years” Event

I’ve added some new event photos of Mary attending the 40th Anniversary and book release Of “W: The First 40 Years” event in Los Angeles. Mary even posed with her husband Riley at the event. Be sure to check out all the pics in the gallery.

Also, there’s new interviews and photos I’ve added to the gallery. Below is part of her interview with Now Toronto magazine:

“I haven’t done a big film since [Smashed],” she says. “I did a cameo in Die Hard 5, but I [only] worked for a day, so I can’t quite count that. I’ve only done small parts in a string of really small films; I haven’t made the leap back to big films yet. I’m moving toward wanting to be a collaborative part of the process as much as I can. I would like to be filmmaker-focused in everything I do.” 

GlobeandMail also interviewed Mary about Smashed:

Winstead was knocked sideways when she read Smashed ’s script. “ She’s a completely real character that you just never, ever see in scripts,” Winstead, 27, said during an interview during the Toronto International Film Festival in September. “She always has to be perfect, she always has to be making the guy a better person. She’s on a pedestal. And here’s a woman who’s dragging herself through the mud with what she’s doing to herself, making terrible choices and yet you still root for her.”

The article’s accompanying photo can also be viewed in the gallery.