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Mary at the Dallas International Film Festival

Mary looked lovely in blue while attending the Dallas International Film Festival yesterday in Texas to receive the Dallas Shining Star Award. Head to the gallery to check out the photos, the first few credited towards the respective owners. Shoutout to Ellie for posting the HQ ones!

Congrats again, Mary! Well deserved!


A reporter for Examiner also caught up with Mary at DIFF & shared the following story:

My favorite interview of the evening was with one of my favorite actresses, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Winstead has appeared in many films including Sky High, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Thing, Final Destination 3, and most recently starred in the independent film Smashed with “Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul. Winstead talked to me about her favorite kinds of movies to do. She says that small movies that do not get trailers and that everyone is there because they are really passionate about it are her favorite. Of course, she also enjoys working on the bigger films like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World where she got to play iconic comic book character Ramona Flowers. She and I spoke about my 9 year old newphew’s love of the film and how he makes us watch it with the commentary on so that he can learn trivia about his favorite film. The photo in the slideshow of us speaking shows her reaction to this, along with finding out he went as the title character for Halloween carrying around the famous, “Have you seen a girl with hair like this?” drawing. Winstead was very honored to have gotten the call about DFS wanting to honor her accomplishments and spoke about how well Dallas was treating her. Winstead has several projects that will be released later this year. The first one, which she spoke a little about, is The Spectacular Now which will be released in August. It is directed by her Smashed director James Ponsoldt. Winstead has a supporting role in the film. She also talked about finishing up the comedy A.C.O.D. with the “very funny” co-stars Adam Scott and Amy Poehler. Winstead was unsure of when the film will be released.