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Mary and Talk ‘Fargo’ visited Mary on the set of FX’s Fargo recently where she talked about how she immediately said yes to Noah Hawley’s new project before reading a script, how much she loves playing the role of Nikki Swango, and how much she loves working with her co-star Ewan McGregor. Click the link above read about one of her crazier on set moments and staying warm day after day while filming:

I love how all the seasons of Fargo feature super strong women, from our beloved Molly Solverson to Floyd Gerhardt. Why were you were drawn to Nikki Swango?
I was very excited to be on the show partly for that reason. I said yes before I even knew what the part was, which I’ve never done before. Noah and I had a little relationship of having a couple meetings over the years and so he personally reached out to me and I just went, “Yes! Absolutely. Whatever it is.” And so, I knew whatever it was going to be great. I had no doubt about that and then I read the role and it was just so unexpected for me to be cast in it, for one thing.

How come?
I just don’t usually get offered these roles of women who lead with their sex appeal.

Why do you think that is?

It’s something I steered away from for a long time, so I think people just don’t associate that with me. Now I’m more comfortable playing those roles because I don’t feel as nervous about falling into some trap. And I certainly don’t feel nervous about that in this role because I know that there is no character who is just one thing and that’s very much the case with Nikki. She’s crafty and alluring and she’s like a cat. She’s also very hopeful and optimistic and full of positivity and life. It’s not like this standard femme fatale kind of thing; she’s actually very sweet at the core of it. Being able to play all those layers has been so great. I feel so lucky.

What are some of the ways you and Ewan have crafted a fresh relationship you haven’t seen on-screen before?

We fell into it pretty naturally. We just have such a good time together in the scenes and a lot of that speaks to the writing because it’s supposed to be that they’re totally head over heels for each other. When I’m playing Nikki, I feel that so much for him with the prosthetics and the hair and all. I’m just so in love with him and we feel that energy that those characters are meant to feel for each other, which is that they really come together and feed off one another and she gives him this positivity that he needs to really feel like the man that he wants to be. She gets to call the shots and always be one step ahead, which is where she wants to be in a relationship and he gives that to her.

Was wearing the thigh-high boots tough?

On the snow it’s been interesting. Yesterday, I had some physical scenes sliding around on the snow and the ice, so it’s been interesting working with the wardrobe department on how to make things work, but they’re used to it. They’ve done two seasons now so they’re always one step ahead of me in that department.