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Mary Reveals her TV Crush

Zap2It caught up with some celebrities to chat with them and discuss who their TV crushes were when they were younger. Here’s what Mary had to say:

“This is the more, I would say important, one would be Jordan Catalano [Jared Leto’s  ‘My-So Called Life’ character]. That was a huge, huge crush. And it’s so funny because I’ve since rewatched that show many, many times as an adult and it’s so funny now seeing what an a**hole idiot he was. As a 10-year-old girl when I watched that show, I had no idea that that was even being insinuated, even though he does horrible things and he’s horrible to her and he’s not that smart and all this stuff. But it was smart though because it was so real. When I was in high school I had crushes on those guys, but you don’t know until you’re older how dumb that is. [laughs]
“[Before that it was] Jonathan Taylor Thomas. JTT. I remember writing ‘JTT’ all over my arms. Just ridiculous.”