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First ‘Fargo’ Reviews Are In

The first couple of reviews for season 3 of FX’s drama Fargo are in and they’re all glowing! As always, be sure to click on the links provided to read the reviews in full, as I’ll only post some highlights. The first one comes from We Got This Covered:

While season 3 is a bit more personal (a sibling rivalry versus a criminal underworld), it is no less engaging. That’s because Hawley has gathered yet another group of fantastic actors, perhaps the best yet in Fargo‘s run, to embody his absurd little world. Winstead’s brash, bubblegum-popping parolee Nikki, and Winstead is (unsurprisingly) fantastic. She’s Ray’s source of motivation, but she also begins to taint him in believably mischievous ways; as someone who has played hero roles more recently, it’s a thrill to see Winstead play a character with some increasingly questionable morals.

Next is a review from Indiewire:

During the opening minutes of Season 3, I found myself sitting and praying for the safety of Ray Stussy (Ewan McGregor) and Nicki Swango (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), an inherently likable and inherently mischievous couple whose providence washes away as the damning titles pop up over their little red Corvette. Like in a horror movie, fans may spend the first half-hour bargaining for the lives of every character. Ray and Nicki are instantly endearing. Shunned by high society because of their criminal associations — she’s an ex-con out on parole, and he’s her parole officer — the purity of their love steals the spotlight early and often; a powerful juxtaposition, two suspicious individuals bonded by true love, even as you see them plant the seeds of their own downfall.

EW also reviewed the first episode of the season:

Hawley, who wrote and directed the premiere, crafts a cool, taut, precisely styled hour of darkly comic neo-noir that stands in contrast to the delirious, subjective sensationalism of his other show, Legion. In fact, coming so soon after it, the Fargo premiere is refreshingly simple and plays like an act of creative throat-clearing. The cast is superb. Winstead – on a roll of late with 10 Cloverfield Lane and BrainDead – takes it up yet another notch. Coon is commanding in her few moments in the premiere. McGregor is out-of-the-box phenomenal.