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New Alex of Venice Interview; Second Clip Released

Following the release of its first clip, a new Alex of Venice clip has been released via Vulture. In the clip, we see Messina’s George on this way out — a cruel acknowledgement that he isn’t getting what he wants from his supposedly happy little family. Alex is blindsided. You can view it by visiting the site here.
Also, a new interview with Mary discussing the film has been posted online via RamaScreen. Here are some highlights:

How challenging was it to work with an actor who was also directing you at the same time? Did that get awkward on the set? Was that your first time experience like that?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: “It was my first experience like that, but it never really got awkward. I think my fears about working with an actor/director would be that, exactly like you said, it would be that instead of acting with me in a scene, they would be sort of watching and judging me, and then I’d be thinking, ‘Am I doing it right?’ And that’s the last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re acting in a scene, you just want to be connecting and bringing the character to life in the most authentic way. That was never an issue with Chris [Messina] when he was directing, I never felt like I was being judged, or micro-managed in any way. He really was just so open and giving and he just wanted everybody to have an opportunity to be great and to shine brightly, and to let them do that on their own term, he was just lovely in every way.”

So what was it like working with the great Don Johnson?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: “It was fantastic. He was such a brilliant actor. Remembered so much for “Miami Vice” there are things people remember about that show, and also the personalities. But I think that may overshadow the fact that he’s just flat out great actor and I think he always has been, he’s really about the craft and becoming better and that’s hugely inspiring for me. He was talking to me about writing something. He’s still expanding in terms of who he is as a creative person and I love that, I love being around people like that.”

I’m glad you’re doing all these indie movies and I’ve been enjoying them, but do you miss doing studio movies? When will you come back to the studio circuit?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: “Ya know, I would love to do studio movies. I think I’m just drawn characters that I find complex and materials that excite me. So ya know, there are certainly studio movies that I talk about and haven’t worked out for one reason or another, I have a film coming out later this fall, it’s for Paramount, so that’s a studio film. So I’m happy to do any kind of movie and any kind of project that speaks to me in terms of the character and the material. I think the main issue for me is that it’s hard for me to find big studio movies, for me, that have roles that are exciting for me, just in the past couple of years, but I’m on the hunt for that for sure.”