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Mary Featured in Deltron 3030’s Upcoming Album

It’s no secret that Mary has collaborated with Dan the Automator on her upcoming album (out next month). Come October 1, Mary and a bunch of other artists will be featured on the upcoming Deltron 3030 CD. Below is a press release with additional info:

Deltron 3030– aka Del the Funky Homosapien, DJ Kid Koala, and producer Dan the Automator– have detailed Deltron 3030: Event II, their first album since their self-titled debut in 2000.

Event II is out October 1 via Bulk Recordings. The video trailer features album opener “Stardate” and Joseph Gordon-Levitt– check it out below.

Del the Funky Homosapien detailed the concept behind the album in a press release:

“This time, the album has a specific story. The Deltron world has gone too far with technology. Everything’s destroyed, and you just see the remnants of our technology. The streets are run by criminals, the police are outnumbered and outgunned, and we’re like pirates, running rogue, doing what we do to survive. That’s the scene of it. We’re trying to be as literary as possible while dealing with a musical format. I don’t know if you could even categorize this as a hip hop album – it’s more like a rock opera, but using rap.”

Before the album is out, the trio will release the City Rising from the Ashes EP on August 13, which features three tracks– the title track (which features backing vocals from Mike Patton), “The Agony” (with Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and “Pay the Price”.

Deltron 3030: Event II:

01 Stardate [ft. Joseph Gordon-Levitt]
02 The Return
03 Pay the Price
04 Nobody Can [ft. Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION]
05 Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 1 [ft. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn]
06 Melding of the Minds [ft. Zach De La Rocha]
07 The Agony [ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead]
08 Back in the Day [ft. The Lonely Island]
09 Talent Supersedes [ft. Black Rob]
10 Look Across the Sky [ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead]
11 The Future of Food [ft. David Chang]
12 My Only Love [ft. Emily Wells]
13 What Is This Loneliness [ft. Damon Albarn and Casual]
14 Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 2 [ft. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn]
15 City Rising From the Ashes [background vocals by Mike Patton]
16 Do You Remember [ft. Jamie Cullum]

Cannot WAIT to hear the new Mary track. It’s gonna be EPIC!!! 🙂

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Mary Performing New Songs with Dan the Automator

Earlier today, Mary revealed that she and music producer Dan the Automator will be performing some new tracks next month at the Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. Tickets will begin going on sale TOMORROW at 12 noon on pop-up Magazine so get them quick. They’ll be sure to sell out fast! The event will be at 7:30 pm on May 20th.

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New Video of Mary at Sundance

Salt Lake Magazine took to the streets during the Sundance Film Festival and caught up with Mary last Saturday to ask her how she felt about being part of independent cinema. Skip to the :40 second mark to see her response.

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Happy Birthday Mary!!

Today is Mary Elizabeth’s 28th birthday and I just wanted to take a minute to wish her the best birthday she could have! Hope your day is filled with happiness and fun and Melanie and myself, as well as all your fans, are so proud of where your career is and where it’s headed. Have a great day! 🙂

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Happy 2 Year Wedding Anniversary to Mary and Riley

Today marks two years since Mary wed her husband Riley in Austin, Texas! How quickly time flies. Anyway, this is just a quick post to say happy anniversary to them and here’s to them celebrating many more anniversaries together. 🙂 You can see their wedding photos in the gallery.

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Deltron 3030 Talks Mary On New Album

As we know by now, Deltron 3030 is set to come out with a new album Deltron 3030: Event II later this fall and Mary has collaborated with the group on a couple of songs. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the group, and Mary, discuss how it came together:

“I’m a huge, huge fan,” says actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who flew from a film premiere in Korea to join Deltron 3030 for its performance at Rock the Bells in San Bernardino earlier this month. After befriending Dan the Automator during filming for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Winstead was invited to the producer’s San Francisco studio in January to sing on a track called “Look Across the Sky.”

“I never really expected it to end up on the album,” she says. “It shows the kind of crossover appeal that it has, that it sparks something in me as someone who doesn’t even really listen to that kind of music, necessarily.”

The album will be released sometime in October.
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Mary Talks About Inspirational Women and Chloe Moretz

Last night while Mary attended the Max Mara Cocktail Party Honoring The 2012 Women In Film Face event, Vanity Fair chatted with Mary about her appreciation for talented women and the night’s honoree, Chloë Moretz:

“I get so inspired by great actresses and great writers and great directors. I’m really passionate about more women getting behind the camera. Aside from Chloë, I love Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan. I think Chloë is such a good role model for younger actresses.”


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Mary Moves from CAA to WME Talent Agency

Not particularly news-worthy, but it is something to do with Mary, so thought I’d post it here. After being with the talent agency CAA (Creative Artists Agency), Mary has switched agencies to WME (William Morris Endeavor). According to Deadline, a day after Warren Zavala left CAA to go to WME, he has brought with him The Dark Knight Returns’ star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Paul Dano, Big Bang Theory‘s Johnny Galecki, Amber Heard and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Zavala, spent the last three years at CAA and the previous seven at Gersh agency.