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Aaron Tveit Talks Working with Mary in BrainDead

Aaron Tveit, who will be co-starring with Mary in CBS’ upcoming show BrainDead, recently gave an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and how excited he is to work with Mary. Below is what he had to say:

You worked with the the Kings before on The Good Wife, but what was it specifically about this script?

They’re billing it as The West Wing meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers and I’m a huge fan of [Aaron] Sorkin and The West Wing, and I love The Good Wife and their characters. The writing was really tremendous but at the same time, I think its exciting to be apart of CBS stepping into this genre thing a little bit. I knew Mary Elizabeth [Winstead] was attached and I’ve been such a fan of her’s for so long. To have the thought of having so many of my scenes opposite her, I was just so intrigued by that. And then this character, he’s not a kid. As great as Mike was, he was kind of a kid. This guy’s a chief of staff to a Republican Senator and he’s a really hard worker, but he’s already in it. So I think it’s a nice step for me to no longer be playing a kid. This is a young man who’s already in his prime so I’m excited to do that.

How effects heavy is BrainDead going to be since it’s sci-fi?

I’m not exactly sure. I think it’s going to be more suggested. I mean there will be effects. I may not be the one to speak about this, but as much as I know, it’s not going to be over-the-top effects, it’s going to be very subtle-y done.

You can read the full interview by clicking the link above. Aaron worked on USA Network’s Graceland and will next be seen in Grease! Live on Fox this upcoming Sunday, January 31 in the role of Danny Zuko.