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Two New Interviews With Mary Regarding Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Two new interviews featuring Mary have come online where she talks about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Here’s part of the first one with

Her relationship with Abe is so chaste. They never sexualize your character. Was there talk of ever trying to make it steamier to appeal to a certain kind of audience?

Definitely not. I think their relationship wouldn’t have made sense. I think they were very much in love, but he was also very distant in a lot of ways because of this other life that he was leading, and that was true of their relationship in real life. He’s very distant because of his political ambitions and she wanted to be very involved, and she was, but there was always a kind of wall between them because they both had their emotional issues. They had a lot of ups and downs.

I feel like with movies or TV shows where the wife is married to someone with a secret life, some viewers tend to turn on the wife because they feel like she’s clueless.


Which is so unfair, but I can see how it happens. Did you feel that might happen with your character?

From my perspective and Timur’s perspective, she knew a lot more than she was really letting on. She just wanted him to be the person to come tell her what was really happening instead of going up and accusing him of this and that. And when he finally does, she’s like, I’ve known about this forever, I’ve just been waiting for you to have the balls to come and say it to me. So I didn’t really feel like I was the clueless, oblivious wife. I think it was more complex than that.

Also, here’s some of her interview with

“The more I learned about her [while researching], the more I wanted to bring as much truth to her as possible, and I feel like she’s represented in the film in a realistic way to how she really was. I expected to read about her and for her to be wildly different from the way she was in the script, but I was surprised to find that it actually all matched up really well,” Winstead explained.

Mary also said that Smashed will be out sometime in September or October. A release date has yet to be announced.