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‘Sky High’ Director Discusses Potential Sequel

In a new interview with, Sky High director Mike Mitchell talked about the scrapped plans for a potential Sky High sequel and where we would see the cast of characters today.

“All the original kids would be back again, including Cousin Greg. That was one of his first films,” Mitchell said of Sky High star Nicholas Braun, who went on to have a career-defining role in HBO’s Succession as the aforementioned Cousin Greg. “Mary Elizabeth Winsted as Royal Pain, Kurt Russell would have to be back as well.”

As for what Braun’s Zack Attack, Winstead’s Royal Pain, Russell’s The Commander and others would be up to, Mitchell revealed that all the former students would now be teachers at a new collegiate superhero campus.

“We figured all the kids are now grown up and they’re all university teachers at a place called Save U,” Mitchell continued. “You just take all that fun and we bring it from the high school into the college years. It would be such a blast.”

Mitchell also made it clear that he would make it a priority to bring back the original ensemble for a hypothetical second installment.

I truly hope this happens one day! They’ve asked him over the years if he would ever want to make a sequel for the first film that came out back in 2005 & he’s always been so enthusiastic about any ideas he’s had for it!


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