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Nick Offerman Wants Mary Elizabeth to Win an Award for Smashed

Collider caught up with Parks and Recreation and Mary’s co-star in Smashed Nick Offerman, where he briefly talked about Smashed and believes that Mary should win some awards for her portrayal in the film:

 I’ve seen both your next films, 21 Jump Street and Smashed. You’re great in both of them, talk a little bit about getting these fun roles in these kinds of movies.

I saw the premiere of Smashed at Sundance and my wife and I were just absolutely verklempt when the lights came up. We were so moved to be in such a good film. I think James Ponsoldt did such an amazing job and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, if she doesn’t win a trophy of some sort for her performance I will eat my hat. I’ll s*** in my hat and then I’ll eat it. You can hold me to that.

Guess Nick is one of the many people who’ve seen the film and thinks Mary should win an award. I see an Oscar in Mary’s future.