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NextMovie Interviews Mary about Smashed, Justice League Role and Aubrey Plaza

In another new interview with Mary talking about Smashed, Nextmovie asked Mary about how character driven and focused her role is in the upcoming movie. Read the full interview by clicking the link above:

For your first small, character-focused movie, there’s a lot of you in it.  Your character is completely the centerpiece. You, you, you. That has to be intimidating.
It was terrifying, definitely, when I actually got it. Because it’s one of those things, you get a script and you’re like, “Yes! I’m going to make them consider me for this, I’m going to put myself out there!” And then when they go, “Yeah, sure, let’s do it”, you’re like, Oh… you sure you really want me to do this? Because I know I said I could do it but I’m not actually sure if I can do it.”

A few years ago, you read for Wonder Woman, for the “Justice League” movie that never quite happened.
It was like six years ago, but yeah.

It looks like the project is finally getting off the ground. Is that something you’d still be interested in?
I don’t know. Even back then, it was one of those things… there was no script, you sign onto it under the cover of secrecy. I definitely couldn’t do that anymore. At that point in my career, I was like, “Sure, sign me up, whatever the role is.” Now I’m much more careful about that kind of thing. Especially, you know, they want you to sign up for seven movies, even though you have no idea what it is that you’re going to be doing in those movies. That kind of thing is just scary for me. I very much enjoy my freedom going film to film, being able to choose what I do. It would take a lot for me to be able for me to sign on for the role.

I’m not totally sure that that’s the role for me. I feel like part of me would want to do it, to see if I could bring something interesting to it, but part of me would be scared that I wouldn’t be the right person for it. If I were to play a superhero type, I would want that person to be human — I’m not really interested in playing perfection. If it is to be this sort of perfect role model for the world, that does everything right all the time, that saves the day, it’s just not interesting to me as an actor.

You’ll be appearing soon in another movie with [“Scott Pilgrim” co-star] Aubrey Plaza — “A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III” — has it been brought to your attention that you two have a crazy strong resemblance?
Yes, actually when I was promoting “Scott Pilgrim,” I had several people coming up to me going, “Aubrey, Aubrey!” They had just seen the movie and was like, “I played Ramona Flowers,” and they were like, “No, you didn’t, that’s Mary, you’re Aubrey.” I had them actually arguing with me over who I was.

Identity crisis! Maybe you should just give in and play sisters.
I think we could, I think we would be totally believable as sisters. I would love that, it would be a lot of fun.