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New Photo Shoots and Interviews

More press for Smashed continues! The L.A. Times talked with Mary, director James Ponsoldt and co-writer Susan Burke about the film, and here’s what Mary had to say:

“It’s just that things sort of shifted for me,” Winstead said in an interview at an L.A. cafe. “I was always really fulfilled by working in whatever capacity I could. I just loved being on set and working. And then one day it just sort of stopped being fulfilling… and if I have this amazing opportunity to work in this awesome industry and I’m bored, that means I’m doing something wrong. I’m not taking advantage of the opportunities that have been given in the right way.”

Ponsoldt viewed Winstead’s experience in genre films as a plus. Drawing a connection to her previous roles, the director said, “In a lot of ways, that goes perfectly with a person who’s struggling. If the character felt fragile or weak you would pity her and she would feel broken. You would feel sorry for her and you’d never see yourself [as] that person. It was really important that when this person gets knocked down, you’re willing to believe she’ll get back up.”

That said, I added a new photo of her with James to the gallery.

Also, I’ve added a new photo shoot with Mary taken last week when she was interviewed by the NY Daily News. Thanks to Dominika for the pics. Be sure to head to the gallery to see the full shoot:

Also, below is a video of Mary being interviewed at the Hamptons International Film Festival: