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New Interview and Photo Shoot by Amanda Crew

Amanda Crew, Mary’s best friend for over 10 years and Final Destination 3 co-star recently did a gorgeous photo shoot with Mary as well as a new interview for her web site Frank Be Frank. In it, Mary talks about her early career, meeting Riley, her favorite music, and more. Be sure to visit the website to read the interview in full. Below are some highlights:

On turning down a role in A Cinderella Story (starring Hilary Duff):

It was a huge studio movie and I had not done a studio movie at that time. I had only done TV work and was really trying to break into movies but I had scheduled this cruise with my best friend who was banking on going on this celebratory senior trip cruise with me. We had just graduated high school and it was this big decision for me. Do I go shoot this movie or do I go on this cruise? But I really wanted to go on the cruise and I wasn’t that excited about the movie, even though I knew it would be good in terms of getting my foot in the door. So I decided to go on the cruise and ended up meeting my future husband.
On quitting Twitter: I know. I did it so randomly. I was sitting on the couch and I was just like, “I don’t want to do this.” I felt bad because I felt that people assumed that it was because I was being antagonized or something and it wasn’t that at all. I have very little of that and I can handle the little bit that I do get. I was just like, “I don’t know what I’m doing with this” or “What am I saying?” and I didn’t know what I was bringing to the table. And there’s also so much antagonism of other people, even more so than my own personal antagonism of people saying mean things to me. It was more just seeing fighting of other people on Twitter a lot. A lot of arguing amongst people who agree with each other, which was exhausting for me to read.
On the nude hacking scandal in 2014: As I was seeing all the media and stuff about it I was just becoming more and more angry and more and more disgusted and sickened. And that was when I had to get off Twitter too. Again it was one of those things that was just so much worse when you see it happening to people that you respect. And that you admire. Because when the stuff was directed towards me, yes it was awful, but it was also like, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” I know who I am so it can’t really be that hurtful to me when it’s just trolls attacking me. The scope of it was so disgusting to me. And such a large scale attack on women as a whole.