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New Got A Girl Album Review

The London Evening Standard reviewed Mary’s debut album and was met with good praise. Here’s what they had to say:

A collaboration between actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who you may remember from such films as Final Destination 3 and The Ring 2) and Dan “The Automator” Nakamura, Got a Girl may be a sideline for both of them but it’s a summer distraction of immense charm. Heavily influenced by 60s French pop of France Gall and Françoise Hardy, Winstead’s voice is a winsome, ethereal thing which floats over Nakamura’s lush, melodydrenched arrangements with infinite grace and a soupçon of sadness. Things Will Never Be the Same is the theme for a non-existent James Bond film, There’s a Revolution ups the tempo without breaking into anything so common as a sweat, while Winstead swears her way through the relatively punky throwaway Da Da Da with engagingly haughty attitude to spare.

4/5 stars

If you haven’t already, you can stream the whole album on HypeM and then pre-order on itunes or Amazon.