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Mary Says Her Album Will be French ’60s Style

We already know that Mary’s been working on an album with Dan the Automator for some time now (see here and here), and with Mary giving interviews during the premiere of Smashed last night at TIFF, Indiewire got some more scoop about Winstead’s upcoming album:

“It’s kind of random,” she told us. “I’ve always been a singer, I’ve always loved to sing. I never really thought I’d do an album, though, I never wanted to be an actress/singer. But he called me up, he’d seen something I’d done on the Internet, and it was just like ‘You wanna make some stuff?’ And how do you turn that down?”

Winstead says she’s loved the producer’s work long before he contributed to the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ soundtrack, and the two turned out to have a similar idea on what to collaborate on. “I was a huge fan of his,” she said, “I had been for a really long time. And when he told me his idea of what he wanted to do, it was perfect, because I’m a huge French ’60s pop fan.”

It’s been a while coming, and there’s no set date for any kind of release, but Winstead says you should be able to hear the fruits of their labors before too long. “We’ve been slowly writing and record stuff,” she told us. “It’s been like a year and a half. It’s a slow process, it’s something we’re doing more for fun, and then hoping it’ll turn into something we want to release. But that’s the goal, ultimately, is to make something to actually release and put out there. But we don’t know when we’ll actually finish it.”

She also said she plans on working on another new short film with her husband, writer/director Riley Stearns:

“We have one more short we want to make,” Winstead says. “And then he has a feature idea that we’re both really excited about, that we’d probably do a Kickstarter thing for, unless we could find some financiers or something. Something really small and low budget and contained.”

How exciting!