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Mary Appearing at EW’s Capetown Festival

It’s just been revealed that Mary and her Scott Pilgrim Vs the World co-star Jason Schwartzman as well as director Edgar Wright & creator Bryan Lee O’Malley will be appearing at the EW Capetown Festival on May 1st, screening ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ & ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’ at the fabulous Egyptian Theatre.

MEW and the rest of cast will be there for a post-screening Q&A. Details are as follows:

The Entertainment Weekly CapeTown Film Fest makes its debut April 30 in conjunction with American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Join EW experts like Geoff Boucher and Jeff Jensen for some of your favorite films of the last 30 years followed by Q&As with special guests including John Carpenter, Terry Gilliam, Leonard Nimoy, Kurt Russell, Noah Wyle and others.

The Shaun of the Dead screening will begin at 7:30 PM with a post Q&A session with Edgar Wright and Scott Pilgrim will be at 10:30 pm.

To book your tickets, click HERE. The Capetown schedule can be viewed here.