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Entertainment Weekly Interviews the Fargo Cast

Entertainment Weekly caught up with the Fargo cast recently including Mary, Carrie Coon and Ewan McGregor to dish on the newest season of the FX show. The interview can be found in the latest issue of EW, out now. Below are some quotes from Mary, but be sure to head into the gallery to read it in full.

Mary on Nikki and Ray’s relationship, played by Ewan McGregor:

“She’s always competing in her mind, she’s always trying to be one step ahead of her opponent. But she’s also completely and totally in love with Ray.”

On trying to learn the card game bridge for the role, that her character competes in:

“I had every intention of learning how to play bridge; it became very clear that was not going to happen.”

On filming in subzero temperatures:

“My costumes have been quite an ordeal since the beginning, but I’ve been out in my fishnets tights and mini skirts and I haven’t managed to catch hypothermia yet.”