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First Teaser Trailer for A&E’s The Returned Hits!

This. Looks. Awesome! The first teaser trailer for A&E’s upcoming series The Returned has hit the web and it looks so good! The show is an adaptation of the International Emmy Award-winning French series Les Revenants. You can watch the teaser footage below and check out the full set of screencaps in the gallery.

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TCA Winter Event Photos; First Returned Stills!

The first promo stills from Carlton Cuse’s upcoming mystery drama The Returned have hit the web and I’ve added the stills featuring Mary to the gallery. You can view them by clicking the thumbnails below:

I’ve also added pics of Mary featuring her, Carlton Cuse and her co-stars at the TCA panel from today.

Additionally, The Returned‘s executive producers Carlton Cuse and Raelle Tucker emphasized that they weren’t out to fix or amend the French version of the show. “The starting point is similar, but our show becomes quite different around episode 6 where in the French version it becomes quite genre and incident heavy at episode 8,” said Cuse. He further mentioned that the FremantleMedia French series is “working independently on season two currently.  Our show going forward will be wholly original.”

When asked about The Returned‘s similarity to Lost in its mysterious intrigue, Cuse said, “The show is a mosaic like Lost. We’re filling in tiles but not in a straight order. The weave of the characters is how the projects are similar.”

Those who did watch Les Revenants will find that the plot line is somewhat similar, since the characters are near carbon-copies from the original. Mark Pellegrino portrays patriarch Jack (Jérôme in the French version), Sophie Lowe plays Lena (versus Léna), Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Rowan (versus Adèle), India Ennenga as Camille, and Sandrine Holy as Julie. (The latter two have the same character names.) “I do think that their performances are quite different from the original French series,” executive producer Raelle Tucker says. “I feel that each one of these people brought the essence of the character. I think over episodes, you will see how those characters are quite different and shift a lot.”

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Indiewire Names Faults One of the Best Films of ’15; Returned Update

A quick update for all of us looking forward to seeing Mary in the new A&E series The Returned: According to Twitter, tomorrow A&E will be at the winter TCA to present the upcoming show with some of the cast in attendance. Hopefully we’ll get a teaser trailer out of this! 🙂 *Fingers crossed.*

Also, Faults was among IndieWire‘s top ’25 best films of 2015 we’ve already seen’ list. Here’s what they said about the film:

Director: Riley Stearns
Cast: Leland Orser, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Beth Grant, Chris Ellis
Synopsis: A washed-up TV guru/cult expert decides to de-program a young girl from a cult called Faults, in order to pay off the remainder of his debt.
Verdict: Riley Stearns writes and directs his first feature like a man who’s been making compelling, darkly funny, and unpredictably twisted films for years. Films about cults tend to either veer towards undiluted horror (“The Wicker Man,” “Children of the Corn”), eerie drama (“Martha Marcy May Marlene,” “The Master”) or strict genre-fare (“Kill List”), so it’s a testament to Stearns’ talents that he manages such a formidable balancing act of a spooky genre story masquerading as a suburban drama of horrors. Crumbling societal values and power trips with identity make for some of the blackest humor we’ve seen recently, and with the underused Leland Orser absolutely ripping it in a spectacular lead performance, followed so closely by the excellent and instinctive Mary Elizabeth Winstead, “Faults” is likely to end up as one of the year’s very top directorial debuts.
Our Review:
Here’s William’s B grade review from SXSW
Release Date: March 6th

The Austin Chronicle also praised the film:

Sharing much of the cast with one of my favorite gonzo action/slasher hyrbids ever, The Guest, Faults could not be more tonally different. Leland Orser plays a washed-up cult deprogrammer named Ansel Roth, hired to get a young woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) back with her family. What quickly and disturbingly unfolds is not just a battle of wits, but a Beckett-meets-Mamet descent into interpersonal darkness. Orser gives one of the year’s best performances, while Winstead’s aura of blank innocence gives director Riley Stearns space to take the movies to incredibly dark places. As I wrote during SXSW, “Stearns’ graduation to the feature leagues may be the most quietly impressive since Craig Zobel opened up the Great World of Sound.”


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First Look at Mary in The Returned

Following the news that The Returned would be premiering March 9th on A&E, Mary’s The Returned co-star Agnes Bruckner posted a first look photo of the cast featured in the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine. In it, there are character descriptions. Mary’s character is named Rowan Blackshaw who is a single mother recovering from the loss of her musician fiance.

Head to the gallery to see the HQ scan!


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THE RETURNED to Premiere March 9 On A&E

Yahoo! TV has revealed that A&E’s The Returned, a remake of the French series Les Revenants, will air March 9th at 10 p.m.

The show follows a Washington mountain town that experiences the sudden freakish reappearance of long-lost loved ones and those once left behind aren’t sure whether to rejoice or run. “Technically, it’s a zombie show, but they’re not horrible creatures trying to eat people. They don’t remember anything about how they died and want to reconnect, but life moves on, they’re not quite the same as when they were alive, and It’s impossible to pick up where you left off,” executive producer/writer Carlton Cuse (Lost, Bates Motel) explains. “It’s a character-centered meditation on love, loss, and grief with a genre element. We view death as the ultimate event, but what if it isn’t?”

Foreign Exchange: While Cuse says the first six episodes contain a fair amount of overlap with the spooky French favorite, “we tried to fill in character backstories.” And this version, adds Cuse, cuts down on the original’s sense of ennui: “We had to address the different tonal approaches and cultural differences for it to work for an American audience.”

The Returned stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Agnes Bruckner, Mark Pellegrino, Kevin Alejandro, and Sophie Lowe.

Be sure to check your local listings, tune in and set your DVRs!

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New Social Media Pages for Mary’s Upcoming Projects

Two new social media pages for Mary’s upcoming projects are now active. The first is a Facebook page for the March release of her psychological film Faults and the second is a Twitter page for her new TV show The Returned, rumored to begin airing in January 2015 on A&E. There is also a Facebook page here.

Be sure to follow both pages for the latest news on Mary’s work and in addition, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Also, a teaser poster for The Returned has been released, which you can view in the gallery.

(*Note: Mary’s only official social media pages are her Twitter and Instagram. She has no Facebook.)
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Pret-A-Porter Interviews Mary About Fashion

Pret-A-Porter caught up with Mary Elizabeth Winstead to talk about her new album, fashion and style. Check out some of the highlights below and then head to the gallery to check out the great, new pics!

We also see that you’ll be starring in the film Faults. How was working on that?

My husband (director Riley Stearns) and I worked on that film together. I’m so proud of it. He wrote and directed it. I’m in it and produced it as well. It was such a blast to make. We just know each other so well that it was so easy. He’s very, very specific in what he wants, which can be frustrating, sometimes, with directors who are specific and if you don’t understand their vision, that can be hard to get there, but because I know him so well, it was so exciting to know exactly what he had in his head and to execute that. It was really fun to go through that process together.

Sounds like you’re very much into vintage. How would you describe your personal style?

I’ve always been pretty feminine and retro. As I’m getting older, I’m starting to add a lot more elements of menswear and comfort, which maybe just a part of getting older. (Laughs.) I think on one hand, I’m starting to like to look a little more powerful so I like a lot of blazers and boots — things that I didn’t used to wear that I’m starting to venture toward like high-waist pants and suits. For a while there, I had nothing but dresses. I didn’t have any shirts or pants. It was just a closet full of ’50s to ’60s  silhouette dresses. I’ve always been a dress girl, and I think part of it has a lot to do with my body shape, which is suited for dresses that are fitted on the waist and then A-lined out so I’ve always been drawn to that because it’s flattering and I’ve always been more drawn to vintage styles. I’m beginning to own my figure more and I don’t mind myself in pants. I used to be like, ‘I don’t want to show my hips and butt.’ I was so self-conscious, but now I’m like whatever. I’ll even do pajama pants sometimes because you know, they’re not always so flattering, but it’s comfortable and cool.

What’s been your biggest summer splurge lately?

I am working in Vancouver right now and there’s a store called Gravity Pope. I’m working there for four months and I’m planning on going there once a month to splurge on something because it’s this amazing store that has all the best stuff. I got these great Rag & Bone boots there. I’ve been wanting them for a long time, so I was just, like, ‘I’m going to do it.’

How long will you be in Vancouver for and what’s the project you’re working on?

I’ll be shooting there until the beginning of October. It’s called The Return. It’s a 10-episode series from A&E that’s based on a French show. It’s kind of dark, moody and mysterious. It’s about a small town where all these people who have died there start coming back for no reason. They’re not ghosts, zombies or anything. They’re just there and nobody knows why. It’s about their relationships and the consequences of them coming back where they’re not supposed to come back. It’s a lot of good drama.

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Mary Cast in New A&E Show The Returned

Since Exposed didn’t get picked up, Mary has found her latest project in the television world. Deadline‘s reporting that Mary has been tapped as one of the leads in Carlton Cuse’s 10-episode A&E drama series The Returned. Also cast in the adaptation of the acclaimed French series are Sandrine Holt (House of Cards, Hostages) and Agnes Bruckner (24). Returned, from A+E Studios and FremantleMedia, focuses on a small town that is turned upside down when several local people who have been long presumed dead suddenly reappear, bringing with them both positive and detrimental consequences. Winstead plays Rowan, the girlfriend of late musician Simon (Mat Vairo) who had a very difficult time getting past his death 10 years ago and now will have to adjust to his return.

Congrats, Mary! 🙂 🙂

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New Details on Exposed

Spoiler TV has posted new details about Mary’s new ABC TV series Exposed. Set to be a one hour drama based on the Swedish TV series, EXPOSED is a character driven serialized thriller about the relationship between a fugitive whistle blower and an investigative journalist at Rolling Stone. Based on the Annika Bengtzon series of books from the New York Times #1 best-selling author Liza Marklund.

Anna Loach (Winstead) is a fearless investigative journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine. She doesn’t shy away from controversy and her instincts lead her to stories other journalists overlook. Her last expose on police brutality made it onto the cover of an upcoming issue, but her next story may top it.

What starts as an investigation into the death of a foreign-born high school student, leads to deeply troubling truths about local police and underage coerced drug informants. Anna follows the story to Fresno, where she is tracked down by a fugitive whistle blower, alias “Stoya,” who hints at a government surveillance conspiracy so big and so deep, it’s beyond science fiction.

Anna uses Stoya’s information to unravel the mystery in Fresno, but it becomes clear that the real story is Stoya himself, and the secrets he holds in his head. As her relationship with Stoya shifts from professional to personal, our heroine must question whether his exposure is for the greater good, and at what cost. Her brother, who runs a high tech security firm, warns her that pursuing this story is too dangerous. Whistleblowers are silenced by very ordinary accidents. That night, when her car is blocked on the road, it becomes clear that the people after Stoya go all the way to the top of the government.

They are on to her, but she will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.