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‘BrainDead’ Episode 2 Stills Plus New BTS Photos and Interview

SpoilerTV has released a few new stills from episode 2 of ‘BrainDead’ airing next Monday, June 20th on CBS and you can view them in the gallery.

After the first episode aired, THR caught up with the cast and Mary spoke about her character’s relationship with Tony Shalhoub’s Red Wheatus:

“There’s a very, very interesting dynamic with Wheatus and Laurel, because she thinks that something is up with Red and Red knows it,” Shalhoub says. “Red sees it and really wants to take her out of the game and make her leave, because he knows that she’s going to be a disrupter.”

“Laurel is challenged in just about every possible way throughout the season — politically, personally, and ways beyond her comprehension,” Winstead says. “It’s plotted out in a slow burn of trying to figure out what these bugs are, where they come from, and what they do to people. There’s a lot of different conspiracy theories abound before the truth comes out.”

Additionally, during the first episode, the cast did a live tweet throughout the hour and you can view some behind the scenes photos of that by clicking on the photos below.