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Behind the Scenes Interview on Mercy Street

The Daily Beast caught up with several of the Mercy Street cast earlier this year and went behind the scenes with them to share their experiences on filming, what they’ve learned and more. Below are some highlights on Mary’s thoughts where she shares most of her scenes with How I Met Your Mother actor Josh Radnor:

“Mary and Dr. Foster have a bit of an antagonistic relationship,” Winstead says. “Even though Dr. Foster is on the Union’s side, he doesn’t necessarily share her views on slavery. She’s a very staunch abolitionist, so she’s shocked by his cavalier attitude towards slavery, and his lack of commitment to the cause of ridding it.” The two also have “completely different views on medicine and how to go about doing things,” Radnor says.

On filming the show: “It’s been quite a challenge, but it’s been really exciting. I feel so inspired every minute by all the actors, and the direction, and the camera team, the art department. Everybody is working at such a high level that it really makes us all feel like we want to rise to the occasion.”

The actors also prepared for their roles by watching Ken Burns’ PBS documentary The Civil War.

“I love how human this series really is,” Winstead says, “and how you’re able to see characters on both sides of the war, and how they justify their actions in a way that we can relate to.”

Mercy Street premieres on PBS Sunday, January 17 at 10pm.