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Another New Got A Girl Perfume Ad

Following yesterday’s debut of a brand new ad for Got A Girl’s perfume collection, EO Products has released a new perfume ad which you can now view in the gallery. The latest one reads, “there is that moment…that time… and that scent.” Be sure to buy the perfume(s) by clicking here.

As a reminder:

• Boy is a woodsy scent created by Dan with bottom notes of Hinoki and top notes of Yuzu. A suggestion of Black Pepper gives this fragrance a spicy finish. Dan’s driving sensibilities are evident in this warm scent.

• Girl is a soft, floral scent created by Mary with bottom notes of Jasmine and top notes of Honey. A hint of lavender and cypress give this fragrance its woodsy finish. This fragrance captures the essence of Mary’s sweet, sultry vocals.


• Boy is like walking in a forest at the edge of a meadow — warm and woodsy with a hint of flowers at the edge, $69.00

• Girl is in the meadow, flowery and sunny — but you can still smell the forest nearby, $69.00