Mary Starring in Season Three of FX’s Fargo

Exciting news! It has been revealed that Mary will be starring in season 3 of FX’s hit show Fargo. Co-starring opposite Ewan McGregor, Mary will play Nikki Swango, a crafty and alluring recent parolee with a passion for competitive bridge playing. Nikki is a woman with a plan, focused on always being at least one move ahead of her opponents.

Said to be set closer to the present than Seasons 1 and 2 were, Season 3 focuses on a pair of lookalike brothers, both played by McGregor. The older of the two, Emmit Stussy is a good-looking, self-assured real estate magnate — aka the Parking Lot King of Minnesota. His younger bro, Ray, is a flabby parole officer who believes that Emmit is somehow responsible for his sorry state of affairs. Coon plays Gloria, the chief of the Eden Valley police.

Production is tentatively scheduled to begin later this year, with new episodes dropping in 2017.

A second season of BrainDead meanwhile, has yet to be announced by CBS.

Final ‘BrainDead’ Stills; New Review

The stills for the last three episodes of BrainDead for season 1 have been released and I’ve added them to the gallery.

Episode 11:


Episodes 12/13:

 Episode 10 of BrainDead will air this Sunday, August 28th at 10pm ET on CBS. Below is the synopsis for the season 1 finale, which will be two hours long:

BRAINDEAD concludes with a two-part season finale comprised of back-to-back episodes, Sunday, Sept. 11 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

“Talking Points Toward a Wholistic View of Activism in Government: Can the Top Rebel?” – When Laurel discovers that a senate bill is not what it appears, she implores Luke to help, leading to a dramatic Senate sit-in. Also, Red and Ella battle for control of the bug agenda, and Laurel questions whether or not she should leave Washington, D.C. for good, on BRAINDEAD, Sunday, Sept. 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

“The End of All We Hold Dear: What Happens when Democracies Fail: A Brief Synopsis” – Laurel discovers the secret to driving the bugs out of a person’s brain and tests the tactic on her father. Armed with new knowledge, Laurel and Gareth attempt to expel the Queen bug out of Red’s head once and for all, on BRAINDEAD, Sunday, Sept. 11 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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New Mercy Street Season 2 Photos

Season 2 of Mercy Street is just around the corner and EW has given us a sneak peek at the upcoming new episodes airing early next year.

“This season’s going to be even better,” says executive producer David Zabel. “We’ve figured out what works well on the show, so we’re able to write to our strengths and dive right into it.”

First up? the will-they-or-won’t-they romance between Union army doctor Dr. Jed Foster (Josh Radnor) and abolitionist-leaning Mary Phinney (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) will finally start to heat up.

“There’s definitely a continuing process of them coming together,” teases Zabel.

Even so, some of the factors that kept the pair apart — namely their widely different social and political leanings — will remain somewhat of a barrier between the two.

“Part of the beauty of that relationship is that it integrally plays to a specific moment in history,” notes Zabel. “And it continues to complicate the romantic yearning they have for each other.”

You can read about all the new characters and plotlines PBS has in store for the show by clicking the link above. Season 2 of Mercy Street will air January 22.

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