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Mary Elizabeth Talks About the Aging Process for Her Role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Mary was interviewed by Cinema Blend where they asked her about how the aging process was for her role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and how she’s eager to shoot another action film. Read the full interview by clicking on the link above:

You seemed really excited about the aging up in this movie. What made you so excited to do that?
It was just such a challenge, just the thought of having to progress a life from age 19 to 45 or so. Especially her life, going from a car free young socialite to someone who goes through the death of– in real life, 3 children– and the Civil War and all this darkness. To progress from that point to that seemed like a really unique challenge.

And the old age makeup is really, surprisingly great. Do you know what they did that made it so good this time around, when it’s usually so bad?
I don’t know. We got the best people– Greg Cannom was the head special effects makeup artist, and he did Benjamin Button. Any time you’ve seen it done really well, it’s been done by him and his team. It was incredible to see him work and see how he does it. I had several prosthetics, and I also had stuff called stipple all over my face, where I would scrunch my face up, and when I relaxed it all the wrinkles would be there. And then for me they digitally enhanced it slightly. It’s really mostly the prosthetics. On set, Timur hated seeing me old. He was always like, “I don’t know! Less, less!”

Did Scott Pilgrim give you the itch to do more action like that, or were you glad to have the break?
Well I was glad to have a break at first, because right after Scott Pilgrim I did The Thing, which was stunt-heavy, a lot of running and the flamethrower. I was just kind of tired, physically. So I was happy to take a break. But once I was there and I saw people doing stuff around me, and I wasn’t able to be a part of it, it did get a little difficult for me to just sit back in my hoop skirt and not get into the action.

Is there any vanity involved in that for you? Especially since it’s in 3D. Can you handle seeing yourself old like that?
Maybe not yet. Maybe a little down the line that might become more of a scary thing for me. For me it was just more fun and exciting to see myself in a different way. It feels more like the character than me. That’s something I enjoyed, not seeing myself reflected back.

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New Interview with Mary About Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

A new interview with Mary talking about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has come online. In the interview, Mary describes the film and what audiences can expect when they check out the film.

I’ve also added a video giving the film a positive review:

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New Interview of Mary in Total Film Magazine!

A new interview of Mary is in the latest issue of Total Film magazine and you can read all the scans in the gallery. In the interview, Mary talks briefly about being starstruck while working with Bill Murray in Charles Swan, how she came to work on Smashed and working on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

A gigantic thanks to Megan for the wonderful scans! 🙂

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New Interview of Mary in the Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald has released a new interview with Mary where they talk about her career including questions about The Thing, Scott Pilgrim, AL:VH, Smashed and doing theatre. You can read the full interview at the link above, but below are some of the questions asked about ALVH and future projects:

You’ve just finished shooting another film, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. What can you tell us about it?

It’s the story of Abraham Lincoln, the historically accurate story of his life from childhood up through the Civil War and the assassination. But it weaves in this completely fictional account of the vampires and this underworld that existed during this time and basically tells the untold story of Abraham Lincoln, that he was not only a presidential candidate and great president, but also a bad-ass vampire hunter and killer.

And you’re also appearing in Smashed, which is getting early awards talk.

I’ve been hearing those kind of things. I of course would never expect those kind of things, because if you expect those kind of things you’re building it up for disappointment. Just the fact that anyone’s even mentioned that it could possibly be part of awards season is incredible in and of itself. And just the wonderful things the critics at Sundance said, even if it ended there I would be so happy. I’m really happy that people responded well to it.

So are you sticking to smaller stuff?

Just for a little while. It feels like the right thing. I want to keep doing that for the time being. There’s a couple of films that I’m about to sign on to, or things are close, that are both very small independent type movies. I think at a certain point I’ll be ready to step back into a big studio film, but right now I’m just having fun sticking to the smaller fare.

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Mary Talks Vampires in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in New E! Interview

In her latest interview with E! news, Mary says that the vampires in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter won’t be anything like the vampires in Twilight…thankfully.

“The vampires aren’t particularly romantic in this one,” Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Honest Abe’s wife Mary Todd in the flick, told me at the Vanity Fair and Juicy Couture pre-Oscar party. “They’re really just pure evil. I don’t know if we’re romanticizing the vampire as much, but it is exciting.”

She continues by saying that although she researched for the role, she eventually just went along for the ride in preparing for her role:
“I did a lot of research on Mary Todd before I went into it because I wanted to at least have an awareness of who she was and what she was like, but I was also aware that this was an R-movie version of her,” Winstead said. “I had to kind of let it go and go along for the ride.”
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be out June 22nd in 3D.
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Mary Talks Smashed, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter & Charles Swan in New Video Interview

Collider sat down with Mary during her Sundance Film Festival press day junket and during the interview, Mary talked about all her upcoming films including Smashed, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and her small role in A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan.

She also said that she’s looking to find more projects like Smashed that’ll allow her to grow as an actor. Check out the full interview below:

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Mary Says Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is Mind-Blowing; New Interview Also Released

MTV caught up with Mary Elizabeth Winstead at Sundance and asked her about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. She says,

“I’m kind of on the sidelines, but I’m very suspicious of my husband’s [actions] and what’s going on in his life,” she said. “I know that he’s hiding something from me. You sort of see me piecing things together.”

Check out the clip below:

Also, here’s an excerpt of a new interview Mary did with Connect2Utah about Smashed. Be sure to read the full interview by clicking on the link provided:

Your character, Kate Hannah, is a little different from the sort of roles that you’ve had in the past. For one thing, there aren’t any monsters or CGI in this movie. Was that something that attracted you to the project?

Winstead: Yes, definitely. I was really burnt out on studio films. I just didn’t see how I was going to continue to be a better actor doing the kind of stuff I was doing. I was so grateful to have the jobs and to be there and be a part of it, but I wasn’t feeling challenged anymore. I got to a place where I was kind of stalled.

Winstead explains that over the years she has wanted to do something smaller and independent of the major studios but has been told time and again that she wasn’t a “big enough name” to get an independent film financed. Undaunted she simply continued making studio films until she could become a “name” or whatever it was she had to do.

Winstead: I woke up one day and thought, “I might never be a name.” Was I going to allow that to force me to never do what I really want to do? It didn’t make any sense to me.

Having established yourself as a “genre film actress” are you worried about what your fan base might think of the change of direction?

Winstead: I think Smashed has a lot of appeal. I think it is entertaining and funny, but it’s also sad. It really feels like something that a lot of people can relate to. It’s not just some exclusive art film. I hope that they will get into it, but at the same time the reason I did the film was to try and make myself a better actor. So anything that comes from it beyond that is icing.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead Talks SMASHED

Hitfix caught up with Mary Elizabeth during her SMASHED press junket the other day & she talked about what it was like filming the movie in 19…yes, 19 days, what she did before filming began, such as attending AA meetings, and how challenging it was to play the role of a drunk. She also said that she’s looking at other projects that’ll challenge her, whether it be another indie film or a big studio film. You can check out the interview below:

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Showing Up Website Gets Huge Makeover, New Vid Interview about The Thing

A couple of new stuff to post about. First up, the  official site to Mary’s appearance in the long-awaited documentary “Showing Up” finally got one heck of a makeover. Although Mary’s not featured in the trailer, a trailer is posted on the site along with some new stuff so be sure to check that out. The film is about actors talking about the audition process. “Showing Up” is currently being submitted to festivals and when more info is available, I’ll let you all know.

Secondly, a new video interview for The Thing has been posted, which you can view here.

Third, please vote for Mary in Portrait Magazine’s ‘Top 30 under 30’. You can vote as many times as you like over and over again.

And last but not least, Mary’s twitter account has been verified so no more second-guessing who is the real Mary on Twitter anymore!

Be sure to follow us on twitter here!


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