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The Boston Globe Interviews Mary About Smashed

Smashed will be opening in Boston this upcoming Friday and The Boston Globe did an interview with Mary (and director James Ponsoldt) about the film. Here’s what Mary had to say:

“I grew up in a dry county in Utah,” Winstead (“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”) says. “And my family was pretty strict, Southern Baptist. So I never experienced alcoholism firsthand. I mean, I drink now. My friends drink. But I’ve never been close to anyone who drank to excess. So preparing for this role and understanding Kate’s frame of mind and her struggle meant talking to people who have struggled with substance abuse and simply exercising my craft and thinking hard about how I work through my own issues, compared to Kate.”

She also talks about the types of roles she’s looking forward to:

“I don’t have a dream role or a dream type of role,” she says, joking for a moment that “Smashed” is the third consecutive film in which her character is named Kate. “That’s as close as I want to come to typecasting. But I acknowledge this role will probably open doors for me. And really what I want most from that is the ability to keep working with directors like James, and the ability to pick roles just because I love the character and the script and not because I need the role to raise my profile or for a paycheck.”

She does, however, vow to keep seeking roles that help her “better understand myself and how I relate to the people in my life.”

Also, head to the gallery (or click on the thumbnail) to see a new photo of Mary and James from the interview.