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TCA Winter Event Photos; First Returned Stills!

The first promo stills from Carlton Cuse’s upcoming mystery drama The Returned have hit the web and I’ve added the stills featuring Mary to the gallery. You can view them by clicking the thumbnails below:

I’ve also added pics of Mary featuring her, Carlton Cuse and her co-stars at the TCA panel from today.

Additionally, The Returned‘s executive producers Carlton Cuse and Raelle Tucker emphasized that they weren’t out to fix or amend the French version of the show. “The starting point is similar, but our show becomes quite different around episode 6 where in the French version it becomes quite genre and incident heavy at episode 8,” said Cuse. He further mentioned that the FremantleMedia French series is “working independently on season two currently.  Our show going forward will be wholly original.”

When asked about The Returned‘s similarity to Lost in its mysterious intrigue, Cuse said, “The show is a mosaic like Lost. We’re filling in tiles but not in a straight order. The weave of the characters is how the projects are similar.”

Those who did watch Les Revenants will find that the plot line is somewhat similar, since the characters are near carbon-copies from the original. Mark Pellegrino portrays patriarch Jack (Jérôme in the French version), Sophie Lowe plays Lena (versus Léna), Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Rowan (versus Adèle), India Ennenga as Camille, and Sandrine Holy as Julie. (The latter two have the same character names.) “I do think that their performances are quite different from the original French series,” executive producer Raelle Tucker says. “I feel that each one of these people brought the essence of the character. I think over episodes, you will see how those characters are quite different and shift a lot.”