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New Smashed Review Gives Mary Praise for her Performance; ACOD and Charles Swan Sundance Hopefuls

A bit of news on Mary’s films. First, site GeeksofDoom gave Mary’s performance in Smashed a glowing review. Here’s what they had to say:

Smashed is a powerful, thoughtful examination of addiction. Mary Elizabeth Winstead delivers a phenomenal performance, effectively portraying the travails of alcoholism and sobriety without being overly dramatic. Smashed is Winstead’s Rachel Getting Married, making the former scream queen the next Anne Hathaway – a leading actress with impressive range and versatility.

Winstead deserves a nomination for her devastatingly authentic portrayal, and director James Ponsoldt will no doubt join the likes of Marc Webb, Rian Johnson, and Duncan Jones as part of the next generation of great filmmakers.

So, so happy about that. Additionally, Mary’s other films A.C.O.D. and Charles Swan could be Sundance 2013 hopefuls. IonCinema predicted that they could head to the fest come January. You can see the A.C.O.D. prediction here and the Charles Swan prediction here.