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Mary Talks Vampires in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in New E! Interview

In her latest interview with E! news, Mary says that the vampires in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter won’t be anything like the vampires in Twilight…thankfully.

“The vampires aren’t particularly romantic in this one,” Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Honest Abe’s wife Mary Todd in the flick, told me at the Vanity Fair and Juicy Couture pre-Oscar party. “They’re really just pure evil. I don’t know if we’re romanticizing the vampire as much, but it is exciting.”

She continues by saying that although she researched for the role, she eventually just went along for the ride in preparing for her role:
“I did a lot of research on Mary Todd before I went into it because I wanted to at least have an awareness of who she was and what she was like, but I was also aware that this was an R-movie version of her,” Winstead said. “I had to kind of let it go and go along for the ride.”
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be out June 22nd in 3D.