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Mary Talks ‘Faults’ in New Interview

Examiner recently caught up with Mary to talk about her new cult film, Faults. As always, click on the link to read the interview in full. I’ve posted some highlights below:

Tell us about your role in Faults.

I play Claire, a young woman who has been indoctrinated into a cult. When her parents hire someone to kidnap and deprogram her, we learn a lot of things about her that I’d rather not give away!

What was the most challenging aspect of working on this film?

I think the character was incredibly challenging for me. She has so much going on inside of her, but doesn’t show any of it. On top of that, I knew that Riley wanted it sort of dead pan and underplayed and I wanted to hit that style he was going for, while at the same time hint at the emotions trying to get out underneath. Not an easy one!

Tell us about working with director Riley Stearns. What was that process like?

It was horrible and I refuse to work with him again.

Truthfully, it was pretty awesome. We are married, and were warned by many people that working together might put a strain on our relationship, but it was really the opposite. We know each other so well that we always know what the other is thinking and going for, and so it makes for a pretty easy going working environment. I’m forcing him to write a role for me in everything he does from now on.

What new projects do have coming up that you can mention?

I have a couple other films coming out this year: Alex of Venice, which will premiere at Tribeca next month, and Kill the Messenger with Jeremy Renner that will come out later this year. Very excited about both of those projects and currently reading and looking for the next project to jump into.

Mary is at SXSW for the next few days premiering the film, so check back often for tons of new updates & pics!